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Asher Jane Turns 1


Asher Jane has completed her first trip around the sun. The year flew by and sweet girl, you were worth the wait.

You are an absolute joy.  You delight everyone you meet and we can’t help but wonder how many times you’ve been here before.  You are just so stoked to be alive. 😊

To say you are adventurous is an understatement. Your thirst for knowledge and understanding of the world around you is wonder-filled. At the moment you are touching, chewing, tasting, feeling, throwing and climbing your way to new discoveries and we love to watch your wonderment unfold.

You think sleep is for the weak 🤣 as you are so busy discovering new skills and your happy and feisty nature is not effected by your minimal sleep.  We trust you get a much as you need.

You love to be outside, in fact you speed crawl to the door each time we open it, you love to feed yourself with your fork, play in water, lie on our puppies, have showers and baths with your brother and sister, ride on your brother’s McQueen car on your own, or with your brother or sister, and you LOVE anything to do with either of them, you love to try and dress yourself in your brother or sisters clothes, you love to dance and sing…….you also really love your belly button which you poke all the time……and my belly button……which you poke and laugh at. 😂

Another milestone for both of us is we have now spent 1 year breastfeeding and are still going strong.

You are truly your names sake. HAPPY, FORTUNATE, BLESSED.  We love you, who you are and what you will become our rainbow smoosh.



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